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Technical Assistance and Support Contract Three: Global Health (TASC3 Global Health)

Contract Agency: The United States Agency for International Development

Contract Overview

Global Health: Technical Assistance and Support Contract Three (TASC3) is a worldwide, rapid-procurement vehicle that supports USAID Missions and Bureaus in meeting their Strategic Objectives related to child health, maternal health, nutrition, population, HIV/AIDS, and other infectious diseases. URC continues its work from the previous Maternal and Child Health TASC and TASC2 Global Health Indefinite Quantity Contracts under this vehicle.

Technical support procured through a task order with URC can be long-term or intermittent, depending on Mission or Bureau requirements. Task orders awarded under TASC3 can extend up to 36 months beyond December 12, 2011 but must be awarded before then. Task orders are developed, awarded, and managed by the requesting unit (the USAID Mission or Bureau). The Global Health Bureau in Washington provides guidance and assistance when requested.

URC Services

  • Short-term technical assistance 
  • Long-term technical assistance, program implementation, and performance monitoring
  • Information dissemination through seminars, workshops, conferences, and technical papers
  • Training and study tours for host-country decision makers and technical personnel
  • Key areas of URC assistance include:
    • Service delivery
    • Health policy reform 
    • Community mobilization and individual behavior change 
    • Monitoring and evaluation 
    • Capacity building 
    • Commodities system management

Contact information

For information on URC's global health experience and capabilities, contact Tisna Veldhuyzen van Zanten, PhD, Vice President and Director of International Programs.

To request URC's assistance through TASC3 Global Health, please contact:

U.S. Agency for International Development
Global Health Bureau
1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20523-7900

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