Partner with Mission Oriented Business Improvement Services (MOBIS)

Contracting Agency: General Services Administration

Contract Overview

MOBIS is a pre-approved General Services Administration (GSA) price schedule that allows any federal government agency and many international organizations to purchase services much like the way they purchase off-the-shelf commercial items. Any government agency, many international organizations (the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the International Monetary Fund), and some companies are eligible to procure services through MOBIS. (See a complete list of eligible organizations and read more about the advantages of using MOBIS.)

URC is approved to provide services under four items of the contract:

  1. Consulting services
  2. Facilitation services
  3. Survey services
  4. Program integration and project management services

To work with URC under MOBIS, follow five steps:

  1. Prepare a detailed scope of work within the framework and scope of the MOBIS contract
  2. Send a request for quotes to URC and two other MOBIS contract holders.
  3. Review quotes using the "Best Value" criteria
  4. Select the successful offeror
  5. Place an order directly with winner. There is no need for interagency transfers or other arrangements; MOBIS is the same as an indefinite quantity contract, yet it cross-cuts areas of specialty and regions.

Contact Information

For more information on exploring business alliances with URC, please Contact Us and select the "Partnerships with URC or CHS" option.