Partner with USAID Translating Research into Action (TRAction) Project

Contracting Agency: US Agency for International Development (USAID)

Contract Overview

In October 2009, USAID awarded URC a five-year Leader with Associates (LWA) Cooperative Agreement. The award was made to address research needs of health programs in developing countries through sub-agreements/sub- awards. Research funds are made available from central USAID bureaus and from USAID field missions.

How Study Priorities are Determined

Research priorities will draw on know-do research gaps identified by landscape analysis, priority setting meetings with USAID and partner organizations, and those arising from new interventions in the various MNCH, FP, TB and Malaria technical areas in USAID funded developing countries.

How Organizations Can Seek Funding

The TRAction Project will solicit applications for funding. The solicitation process will be explicit and would explain the process of funding in details.

Usually, a Request for Application (RFA) would be issued once a research priority topic is identified by USAID and funds are available. Based on RFA, research organizations can competitively bid through submission of application. Applications are reviewed and evaluated by a Technical Review Panel. Those judged to best meet the research objectives would be funded to carry out the Scope of Work.

How RFAs Will Be Announced

RFAs will be announced through TRAction's website and other formal processes. The announcement will be made available through other existing channels of communications using intranets and websites, as appropriate.

For more information on the TRAction Project and news on current and upcoming RFA's, please visit

Contact Information

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