Transparency in Health Engagement (THE)

The Government of Albania’s (GoA) Anticorruption Strategy and Action Plan outlines specific steps to identify and pursue cases of corruption. The USAID-funded Transparency in Health Engagement (THE) Project, led by University Research Co., LLC (URC) will work with the Prevention of Conflict of Interest (HIDAA), the High State Audit (HAS), and the Ombudsman Office to increase governance and transparency within the health system. The GoA’s commitment to address the country’s corruption and increase government accountability will be leveraged to create a more accountable healthcare system.

The project supports the GoA to build the capacity of the HIDAA, the HSA, and the Ombudsman to:

  • Generate evidence through performance audits, complaint investigation, and asset reporting
  • Design and implement assessments to measure corruption and relevant mediating factors (e.g., control system reviews, etc.)
  • Perform public sector reforms and audits
  • Engage with citizens to use their on-the-ground knowledge of corruption and problem solve on possible systems improvements

Download Transparency in Health Engagement Project (THE) project fact sheet (PDF, 621KB).

2017 to 2019
US Agency for International Development (USAID)
Government of Albania
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