Research Advisory Services to Australian Government

Contracting Agency: Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)

Contract Overview

URC has entered into an agreement with DFAT to provide research advisory services to DFAT and other Australian Government organizations. With this agreement, URC joins a panel of other organizations and individuals that provide services to the Australian Aid Program.

URC will provide research services that will assist the Australian Government in delivering an effective aid program by providing research expertise, with the larger goal of enhancing the aid program's design and implementation of policies and programs. 

Under this new agreement, URC will:

  • Advise on research program design, methodology, research management and quality controls;
  • Provide technical advice on evaluating research;
  • Advise on how research can affect development policymaking;
  • Participate in peer review of concept notes, designs and evaluations;
  • Assist in program evaluations;
  • Provide examples of successful research approaches; and
  • Advise on translating research evidence into policy and practice.

Contact Information

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