Social and Behavior Change Communication

URC uses social and behavior change communication (SBCC) to enable individuals, families, communities, and societies to improve their quality of life. Our approach recognizes that human behavior is complex—the result of a combination of context-specific influences, including environmental factors, social norms, health policies, the quality of health and social services, and individual knowledge.

URC's SBCC strategies

We employ a substantial set of crosscutting strategies that improve health and social outcomes through positive influence. In designing SBCC components, we draw on our considerable experience and expertise in the following areas:

For more information, please see our brief on Social and Behavior Change Communication​.


Children and families gather around the “Journey to a Healthy Lifestyle” bus, which brings health information and services to hard-to-reach rural Filipinos
The Lakbay Buhay Kalusugan (“Journey to a Healthy Lifestyle”) bus provides an interactive platform to bring critical information on healthy practices to Filipino families, especially those in rural barangays (districts) (2011)