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USAID Health Care Improvement Project (HCI)

Contracting Agency: US Agency for International Development (USAID)

Contract Overview

URC supports USAID-assisted countries to improve the quality and impact of health services through task orders issued through the USAID Health Care Improvement (HCI) Indefinite Quantity Contract.

The task order mechanism allows USAID country missions, regional bureaus, PEPFAR, and core element groups at USAID/Washington (maternal and child health, HIV/AIDS, reproductive health, etc.) to either buy in to an existing task order or issue separate task orders within the project’s mandate. Task orders are developed, awarded, and managed by the requesting unit (the USAID Mission or Bureau). The Global Health Bureau in Washington provides guidance and assistance when requested.


  • Short-term technical assistance
  • Long-term technical assistance, program implementation, and performance monitoring
  • Information dissemination through seminars, workshops, conferences, and technical papers, and
  • Training and study tours for host-country decision makers and technical personnel.


  1. Document the interventions supported by this task order to improve the quality of health care, how quality was measured, and the interventions’ impact
  2. Institutionalize modern quality improvement (QI) approaches as an integral part of health care in USAID-assisted countries
  3. Expand the evidence base for the application of QI to human resources planning and management
  4. Expand experience with the improvement collaborative approach in USAID-assisted countries
  5. Expand experience with the spread collaborative approach in USAID-assisted countries
  6. Expand the experience base for other specific QI approaches
  7. Improve the cost-effectiveness of QI in USAID-assisted countries
  8. Provide global technical leadership for QI in USAID-assisted countries


  • EnCompass LLC
  • Family Health International
  • Health Research, Incorporated
  • Initiatives Inc.
  • Institute for Healthcare Improvement
  • Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs

Contact Information

For additional information on working with URC, contact Samuel A. Mariam, URC Vice President for Contracts and Grants Administration.

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