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URC: Improving systems. Empowering communities.

University Research Co., LLC (URC)* is a global company dedicated to improving the quality of health care, social services, and health education worldwide. With our non-profit affiliate, the Center for Human Services (CHS), URC manages projects in over 45 countries, including the United States.

Established in 1965, we offer a range of technical assistance to strengthen health and social systems and service quality by empowering communities and health workers to identify and scale up locally appropriate solutions to critical problems. URC focuses on finding ways to deliver proven approaches to health care problems, applying quality improvement (QI) methods, and conducting operations research to tailor those approaches to various settings. Recognizing implementation barriers unique to each setting, we train local managers and service providers to strengthen health systems, integrate system elements, and bring improvements to scale. URC also specializes in designing health messages and materials to educate target audiences about improving health behaviors.

Internationally, URC expands access to and improves the quality of services addressing maternal, newborn, and child health; infectious diseases including HIV/AIDS, TB, and malaria; reproductive health and family planning; food and nutrition; and vulnerable children and families. In the United States, URC focuses on improving communication related to issues like substance abuse, with a particular focus on reaching under-served populations.

* “Co.” is an abbreviation of the word “Company.” “LLC” is the acronym for the term “Limited Liability Company” (a type of legal business entity in the United States.) We write “University Research Co., LLC” but we say “University Research Company" and use the acronym "URC" when appropriate. 

L to R: A midwife at a URC training, Ecuador; a nurse feeds a malnourished child, Niger; orphans and vulnerable children, Ethiopia.

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