Initiatives to develop and sustain high-quality health services are valuable mechanisms for improving health outcomes in Ghana.

URC’s work in Ghana dates from 1995, when a joint global health reform initiative brought together the expertise of leaders in international health care development. Over the past two decades, we have and continue to extend our expertise and approaches to improve the health of all people in Africa by expanding basic health services, strengthening national health systems and addressing global issues and special concerns, such as HIV/AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis.

URC has also supported efforts in Ghana that focus on maternal, newborn, and child health; and related services, including managing a health research grants project that addresses the delay between the discovery of effective ways to combat the causes of mortality and morbidity and the application of these proven interventions on a wide scale. We continue to draw from our expertise to expand access to and improve the quality of services addressing a wide spectrum of challenges affecting the region.