URC has worked in Kenya for the past two decades, with a deep programmatic portfolio that spans a broad spectrum of health care issues, from developing HIV programs that focus on creating better outcomes to applying improvement methods to care and support services for vulnerable children and families.

We began working in Kenya in 1990 with our non-profit affiliate, the Center for Human Services (CHS), to provide global leadership for health care quality assurance in USAID-supported programs.

This work helped to raise awareness in countries and internationally that quality improvement (QI) is an essential component of health system strengthening and that quality standards and QI capacity development are vital to the development of health care systems in even the most resource-constrained countries. Our current work is primarily through the globally-implemented USAID Applying Science to Strengthen and Improve Systems project (ASSIST), a technical assistance mechanism for improving health and social service delivery for vulnerable children and families and strengthening the systems involved in their care and protection.

Twined with our expertise, we are also involved with projects that rely on our approaches to health systems strengthening and quality improvement.