With nearly half of Zambians living in urban areas, a continued focus on improving health outcomes is increasingly important. The Quality Assurance Project, implemented in Zambia in 1990, was URC’s first project in the country.

URC went on to focus on USAID’s global mechanism to provide technical leadership and country assistance for the application of modern quality improvement methods. Since then, URC furthered its commitment to improving health care in Zambia, heading up two USAID-funded Applying Science to Strengthen and Improve Systems (ASSIST) Projects.

URC has also been involved in a USAID-funded project called TASC 4 Africa – Population, Health and Nutrition IDIQ, expanding basic health services, strengthening national health systems and addressing global issues and special concerns. Currently, as a part of the Feed the Future (FTF) Zambia Mawa Project, URC supports Catholic Relief Services (CRS) to improve food and economic security in Zambia’s Eastern Province. Mawa provides a package of services to increase and diversify agricultural production for nutrition and markets, improve household health and nutritional status, and increase incomes and productive assets for rural, farming households.