Vietnam is making significant progress in improving the health status of its population. For nearly 20 years, URC and its non-profit affiliate, the Center for Human Services (CHS), provided global leadership for health care quality assurance in USAID-supported programs through the Quality Assurance Project (QAP) I, II, and III. Beginning in 1990, URC and CHS provided technical assistance and conducted operations research on health care quality improvement. Following QAP, URC’s work in Vietnam continued through its successor the Health Care Improvement (HCI) project. The project pioneered a public-private mix for TB and TB-HIV integration in Vietnam by piloting collaboration models. Support for the project ended in March 2011, though activities continue through the Improving TB Detection and TB-HIV Services Integration project. URC went on to implement TB CARE II, which complements existing and planned projects in the Bureau for Global Health to provide global leadership and support to national TB programs and other in-country partners. In 2011, URC continued to support the prior work of QAP and HCI in Vietnam, and partnered with the National TB Program, the Vietnam Administration for HIV/AIDS Control, and provincial health departments to provide technical support to improve quality of and integrate treatment services for TB and HIV.