Health Workers: The Heart of Health for All

World Health Worker Week, April 1-7, 2019

This year’s World Health Worker Week theme, Health Workers Are the Heart of Health for All, highlights the critical role health workers play in achieving universal health care. URC joins colleagues around the world to commemorate the life-changing work of health workers. Here are some snapshots of URC health workers making a difference.

Health workers in Tumbes, Peru, trained by the USAID ASSIST Project, teach fellow staff the proper technique for measuring newborn head circumference

Caring for Mothers and Babies Affected by Zika


In Latin America and the Caribbean, our quality improvement teams are ensuring quality care for mothers and families of babies affected by the Zika virus. URC staff train health care workers on essential practices such as pre-natal Zika counseling, distributing condoms to pregnant women, correctly measuring a newborn’s head circumference at birth, providing psycho-emotional support to mothers and family members, and strengthening neurodevelopmental surveillance. Read more.

Mobile malaria worker performs malaria blood test for forest goers

Fighting Malaria in Cambodia’s Forests


In Cambodia, mobile/village malaria workers reach out to vulnerable and hard-to-reach populations to test them for malaria and connect them to treatment and prevention. Between October 2018 and February 2019, village/mobile malaria workers tested 2,333 suspected malaria patients and found 499 confirmed malaria cases. This work embodies what it means to reach the last mile of health. Read more.