Integrated Nutrition

URC follows the WHO’s Essential Nutrition Actions, an internationally accepted set of tools for improving maternal, newborn, infant, and young child health and nutrition that is the basis for counseling, community mobilization, and educational messages. The Essential Newborn Actions include seven recommended actions, each equally vital for ending preventable maternal and child deaths:

  • Promotion of optimal nutrition for women
  • Adequate intake of iron and folic acid and prevention and control of anemia for women and children (including anemia in pregnancy, an important contributor to maternal mortality)
  • Adequate intake of iodine by all members of the household
  • Optimal breastfeeding during the first 6 months
  • Optimal complementary feeding starting at 6 months with continued breastfeeding in 2 years of age and beyond
  • Optimal nutritional care of sick and severely malnourished children
  • Prevention of vitamin A deficiency in women and children

Integrated Nutrition at Work

The USAID Ghana Systems for Health Project is improving maternal, newborn, infant, and young child health and nutrition by implementing the Essential Nutrition Actions. This includes work with Ghana Health Services and UNICEF to provide iron and folic acid supplements, vitamin A supplements, multiple micronutrient powders, and ready-to-use therapeutic foods.

Uganda, the USAID Production for Improved Nutrition project is reducing the burden of undernutrition among children, pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, and people living with HIV and AIDS. URC-led activities focus on behavior change communication for improved household nutrition, quality improvement, and monitoring and evaluation. The project gives URC a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of the USAID Forward strategy by supporting a local partner to lead a complex Feed the Future project.

In Guatemala, Nutri-Salud works to prevent chronic malnutrition by addressing risk factors during the first 1,000 days and implementing the Essential Nutrition Actions. URC also supports the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance and the private sector Alliance for Nutrition to deploy the Wheel of Practices for Better Living, a home-visit and counseling program that promotes healthy practices for mothers, children, and households. 

A child in her mother’s arms receives an oral vitamin A supplement in Pangasinan Province, Philippines