Message from our President

Jay Wechsler

Over fifty years ago, a group of university professors and social activists created University Research Co., LLC (URC) to address the social issues of the 1960s. Today URC has grown into a global company of some 1,000 employees and overseen projects in 80 countries, including the United States. Although the organization has transformed and grown, our drive to empower communities and systems to adopt change that matters in health, education, and social services, remains the same.

From the beginning, URC combined the idealism of the era and the rigor of academic research with the pragmatism necessary to achieve results. We are dedicated to a rigorous, evidence-based approach to addressing social challenges. Our company and non-profit affiliate Center for Human Services, have historically been at the forefront of public and private sector efforts to introduce innovative approaches based on evidence and operations research to ensure results that can rapidly be brought to scale.

In 1965, we spearheaded a national effort to improve job competencies of early childhood educators in Head Start programs and developed innovations in alcohol and drug abuse prevention and treatment. Today, we have projects as varied as introducing the science of quality improvement to delivering healthcare in developing countries; strengthening laboratory systems to increase national capacity for diagnosis of HIV and TB; ensuring the sustainable availability of essential nutrition for HIV patients; strengthening national malaria surveillance systems; and providing basic literacy skills for immigrants to the U.S. and professional development for kindergarten to adult instructors.

Just as our founders could not have foreseen the scourge of HIV or the advent of electronic health technologies, we will certainly face challenges—and opportunities—that we cannot imagine today. Our success rests in the commitment of our staff and our continued dedication to our mission: providing innovative, evidence-based solutions to health and social challenges worldwide.

Jay S. Wechsler