In Iraq, ensuring access to routine, high-quality, and equitable health care has emerged as a critical need, and the government of Iraq is responding with vigor and commitment to improving the quality of primary health care services.

URC began working in Iraq in 2007, implementing Global Fund Consulting Services to improve the country’s ability to manage programs and provide oversight of local organizations that received funding. URC went on to support USAID’s Primary Health Care Project in Iraq (PHCPI) and the Cooperative Biological Engagement Program (CBEP), an initiative to strengthen the country’s capacity to identify and respond to biological and chemical threats.

URC’s non-profit affiliate, the Center for Human Services, has also maintained its efforts in the Iraq, working to design and implement a survey to assess substance abuse in country.

The photo reflects the reality of patient rights program here PHCPI in Iraq, reflecting that this activity reaches the most remote area all around in Iraq
In Iraq, a patient rights program takes place, reaching the most remote areas in the country (2014)