Anita Busheal, a mother and community health volunteer in Ghana. Photo credit: DDC International

“Since I became a volunteer and joined the mother’s support group, I have learned a lot,” said Anita Busheal, a mother and community health volunteer. “I have learned how to take care of children so that they don’t get sick. I am a mother of five and because I have been visiting the hospital and… learning from the workshops, all of my children are healthy.”

The Ghana Health Service, supported by the USAID Systems for Health Project, is working to improve the delivery of primary health care services at the community level, bringing healthcare closer to the doorsteps of Ghanaians. Systems for Health works with the Ghana Health Service to organize and train community health management committees, which help to support community health activities and encourage good health-seeking behaviors. The project also helps to build providers’ capacity to deliver a wide range of high-quality services through training, on-site coaching, and integration of quality improvement processes at the facility level.

USAID Systems for Health – Empowering Communities for Better Health in Ghana