Enabling Writers initiative helps to provide quality reading resources for every child

The Enabling Writers initiative is designed to train teams of local writers to produce hundreds of decodable and leveled books with content that reflects the child’s culture and language. SIL International’s Bloom book-writing software, winner of the All Children Reading: A Grand Challenge for Development competition, simplifies and streamlines the development and production of quality reading material for young readers.

On November 21-25 in Jakarta, Indonesia, Reading within Reach (REACH) facilitated the launch of “Enabling Writers” country projects with teams from Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nepal and the Philippines.

The workshop introduced the country teams to the Bloom software to develop books and explored how to work with authors to develop suitable material for early grade readers. At the workshop, participants received the Bloom software and other materials to help facilitate their work; as these country teams grow around the world, the books they produce will help the goal of quality reading resources for every child become a reality in developing countries.

All books developed through Enabling Writers will carry a Creative Commons CC BY copyright, ensuring that materials may be used freely by any organization or individual interested in distributing the books Additionally, all Enabling Writers books will be provided through the Global Digital Library, a new initiative focused on making a large set of quality decodable and leveled books available through online delivery systems.

Learn more about the Enabling Writers launch and future expansion in the blog post by Amy Pallangyo (Senior Technical Advisor, Reading within REACH), "Enabling Writers Projects Launch in Asia."

Four women participate in the Enabling Writers Workshop in Jakarta, November 21-26, 2016
Four women participate in the Enabling Writers Workshop in Jakarta, November 21-26, 2016
December 21, 2016
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