Global Reading Network Initiates Online Awareness Campaign

According to the 2013/2014 Education for All Global Monitoring Report, an estimated 250 million children around the world, 130 million of whom have spent at least four years in school, are not learning foundational reading skills.

The Global Reading Network seeks to remedy this critical problem by connecting stakeholders, individuals, and organizations committed to ensuring that all children are able to read.

In honor of International Literacy Day on September 8th, the Global Reading Network is asking advocates for reading around the world to share their personal messages about why reading is important. To participate, simply download and print the sign (available in in English, French, Spanish, Khmer, and Arabic), complete the sentence, "Reading is important because...", take a photograph holding the sign and tweet it using the hashtag #ILD14 and including @GblReadingNtwk in your post.

The network's social media kit also contains Twitter messages around topics of interest, including USAID Education's USAID's five goals to improve reading and literacy, also known as the "five Ts":

  1. More time devoted to teaching reading
  2. Better techniques for teaching reading
  3. More texts in the hands of children
  4. Teaching children in the mother tongue (a language they speak and understand)
  5. Testing reading progress

Reading is important because it is like a way to communicate through time

Other topics of interest to the network include emergent literacy, parent and community involvement, scaling up, policy and information communication technologies (ICTs).

In the days leading up to International Literacy Day, please download the Social Media Kit for International Literacy Day, join the Global Reading Network on Twitter (@GblReadingNtwk), follow us, monitor the day's official hashtag, #ILD14 and share why reading is important to you.

Download the Social Media Kit for International Literacy Day

August 29, 2014
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