The New Patient Registration Database Approved for Cambodian Referral Hospitals

After a year of operation, the new computerized patient registration system at Siem Reap Provincial Hospital has registered over 15,000 patients and met with the approval of the Ministry of Health (MOH). Registering a patient into the files of a hospital or clinic is the first step to ensuring high quality care and accurate patient data for hospital service monitoring and planning. 

The patient registration system was introduced at the hospital in November 2011 by the MOH, with support from the USAID Better Health Services project implemented by URC. The system captures such information as patient demographic information, payment data, admission and discharge dates as well as diagnosis. A centralized medical record filing system was also developed, using a unique identification number for each registered patient. It is linked with the national health information system, also developed with support from BHS. 

Dr. Pen Phalkun, Director of Siem Reap Hospital, commented that the “Patient Registration Database System is very useful for hospital daily management and data.” Ms. Thong Chenda, a cashier at the hospital, added that “the system is easy to use and faster than the hand-written invoice system.” Mr. Xenophon M. Santas, Leader of Health Information System Team, Division of Global HIV/AIDS Center for Global Health of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, added that “the system is running well” and went on to say that he had “never seen any system so well functioning with such a short development time.” The MOH is interested in expanding the patient registration system to additional hospitals.

Health care workers and staff use the new patient registration database system
Health care workers and staff use the new patient registration database system
November 08, 2012
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