Providing quality TB care - URC workshop at Union World Lung Health Conference 2016

URC-CHS staff led its first workshop at the 47th Union World Conference on Lung Health, on Wednesday, October 26th.

The standing room only workshop, “Providing comprehensive patient-centered care: a conceptual framework for quality TB care”, was co-chaired by Dr. Refiloe Matji, Vice President for Southern Africa, and Dr. Hala Jassim AlMossawi, URC Director of Technical Support, and featured four presentations by our TB Care II project staff from around the world.

Dr. Matji kicked off the workshop with a review of the objectives, including a discussion of a framework for provision of social protection services in the context of TB, sharing lessons from Bangladesh, Georgia, South Africa and Swaziland related to social protection, universal health coverage (UHC) and palliative care, and providing guidance on social support packages to support the End TB strategy.

She also introduced several key documents produced by the TB Care II project and URC on social protection, UHC, and palliative care.

Dr. Tamar Gabunia, Chief of Party for TB Care II in Georgia, started with a talk entitled, “Ensuring sustainability of social support interventions through strengthening the legal framework for TB control.” Reporting on work by the TB Care II project in Georgia, Dr. Gabunia discussed strategies including cash incentives, poverty reduction, and policies to prevent catastrophic health expenditures during illness. For more details, click here.

Up next was Director for TB Care II in Swaziland, Dr. Samson Malwa Haumba, who presented “Linking social support with Pillar 2/universal healthcare component of the End TB Strategy.” Dr. Haumba discussed the role of social support in meeting SDGs while we work towards universal health coverage. For his full presentation, click here.

Dr. Robert Makombe, Senior NTP Advisor for TB Care II, discussed “Integrating palliative care and end of life care into TB/MDR-TB programmes,” using lessons learned from the project’s work in South Africa to discuss the rationale and best practices for palliative care in any country. For more information, click here.

Finally, Dr. Paul Dadu, the former director TB Care II in Bangladesh, shared the success of using mCASH money transfer to provide cash incentives to TB patients. His slides can be found here.

Dr. Matji wrapped up the session with two key thoughts for attendees- first, that social support services can be provided by TB programs or by existing support systems, but that better advocacy for TB services within those existing systems was needed. And second, that determining if incentive systems are already in place before introducing new ones can yield more cost-effective impact.

October 26, 2016
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