URC 2014 Photography Contest Winner - Sanjay Rai

Sanjay Rai, District Improvement Coordinator for the USAID ASSIST Project in India, submitted the winning photo in the "Family Portrait" category of URC's 2014 Photography Contest.

This beautiful photo shows a mother and her newborn son at Mandikhera General Hospital, in Haryana State of India, in August 2014. Mandikhera Hospital is one of over 200 facilities across the six states in India that the USAID ASSIST Project is supporting. This facility is encouraging good breast-feeding practices as one way to assure health outcomes for newborns and reduce infant mortality in the state.

ASSIST started working in India in January 2013, focusing on six USAID-supported states to enhance improvement capability of health care leaders at the national, state, and district levels. The project is engaging health facilities to conduct improvements in maternal, neonatal, and child health along the continuum of care, through both public and private entities.

Recently, a study was undertaken to examine the work performance of "accredited social health activists" (ASHA) – or government community health workers – around issues of barriers and capacities in a broader family, community, and regional context with different socio-economic factors. The findings of the study have provided a base on which to build a community Quality Improvement (QI) plan in which barriers faced by ASHA can be addressed in a culturally appropriate way. The findings are also contributing to the development of gender integration into community QI work.

Congratulations to Sanjay and the ASSIST India team for their great work!

December 05, 2014
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