Samson Kironde (left), URC’s Director of PEPFAR/Global Fund Activities on the HRH2030 Project and Samson Haumba (right), URC Country Director for Eswatini. Photo credit: URC

Samson Kironde, Ph.D., URC’s Director of PEPFAR/Global Fund Activities on the HRH2030 Project, will appear on a satellite panel and give two poster presentations at the 22nd International HIV and AIDS Conference in Amsterdam from July 23-27.

Kironde will be part of a July 23 panel titled “Differentiated Service Delivery 2018: Innovations, Best Practices and Lessons Learned” discussing differentiated service delivery, an approach that moves away from a one-size-fits-all services to a philosophy that tailors HIV services to the needs of diverse groups of people while maintaining the principles of the public health approach. Kironde will discuss optimizing human resources in the context of differentiated service delivery.

Also giving a poster presentation is Samson Haumba, Ph.D., URC Country Director for Eswatini (formerly Swaziland) on the gender-based violence screening in HIV prevention and treatment.

Kironde and Haumba are part of a URC team that is leading and supporting projects that provide HIV prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and counseling and support around the world.

URC is helping countries develop HIV programs that focus on creating better health outcomes for underserved and vulnerable populations. We apply locally adapted, country-led methods to improve health care systems. And we work with providers, community leaders, patient advocates, and government officials to identify gaps, then develop and scale up best practices to achieve sustainable improvements.