URC Participates in 44th World Conference on Lung Health

URC will again have a significant presence at this year's Union World Conference on Lung Health from October 30–November 3 in Paris, France. In many of the 22 countries that account for more than 80% of TB cases worldwide, we are supporting national TB programs through innovative approaches to address systemic barriers to effective prevention and treatment. The conference provides an opportunity to share our TB work with thousands of health care professionals, researchers, and advocates.

Below is a list of our activities. We look forward to seeing you there or interacting with you on Twitter @urcchs using #LungHealth.


The URC booth will provide information and resources on URC's global TB CARE II project as well as its TB projects in South Africa, Swaziland, Georgia, Malawi, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Cambodia.  


TB in the Mining Sector: Politics, Policy, and Practice
Saturday, November 2, 2:30–4:30pm
TB associated with the mining sector is responsible for some of the highest TB concentrations in the world. For over 100 years, mining-associated TB has been recognized as an acute public health problem, particularly in southern Africa. With the rise of HIV/AIDS, the problem has become a full-fledged, regional hyper-epidemic. In August 2012, Southern African Heads of State signed the Declaration on TB in the Mining Sector, calling for new partnerships between government, civil society, the corporate sector, and development partners. The Declaration emphasizes the importance of addressing the burden of TB and TB/HIV in miners, ex-miners, their families, and communities. Presenters will:

  • Highlight the impact of TB on the region's mining-affected population;
  • Share recent progress in addressing this issue, including achievements to improve partnerships between the public and private sectors; and
  • Discuss what opportunities exist and what actions should be taken to reduce the impact of TB, TB/HIV, and other respiratory diseases on these populations.

URC will co-chair the session with the Stop TB Partnership. URC Vice President Dr. Refiloe Matji  will present on sustaining cross-border and multi-sector action to combat TB in the mining sector.

Oral Presentations

Improving TB Control by Removing Health System Barriers in Georgia
Friday, November 1, 12:45–2:15pm
T. Gabunia; M. Gegia; T. Gotsadze; D. Khechinashvili; A. Asatiani

Active and Latent Tuberculosis among Household Contacts of Tuberculosis Patients in Tbilisi, Georgia
Sunday, November 3, 12:45–1:45pm
T. Chakhaia; M. Gegia; R. Kempker; L. Goginashvili; U. Nanava; H. Blumberg; M. Magee

Meet the Expert Sessions

Advocacy to Reduce TB among Health Care Workers
Friday, November 1, 1:00–1:30pm
TB Proof (URC collaborator)

mHealth Solutions for MDR-TB Case Management
Friday, November 1, 4:45–5:15pm
Dr. Neeraj Kak, URC Senior Vice President

Advocacy to Reduce TB among Health Care Workers
Saturday, November 2, 1:00-1:30pm
TB Proof

Use of Bedaquiline in MDR-TB Treatment
Saturday, November 2, 4:45–5:15pm
Michael Rich (URC collaborator)

Working Group Sessions

URC staff will participate in a variety of global technical working groups, including TB and Migration, Childhood TB, TB Infection Control, and TB Laboratory Accreditation.

Poster Presentations (by URC staff and partners)

Thursday, October 31

How the 2012 SADC Declaration on TB in the mining sector can address TB among migrant Workers
R. Matji; T. Dlamini

Friday, November 1

Reduced mortality in a high TB-HIV prevalence setting through improved TB-HIV integration: Ventersdorp District, Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, North West Province
M. Ratshikana-Moloko; B.Khumalo; F. Lepedi; E. Plaas
Session: TB Contact Investigation
Chair: Alisha Smith-Arthur, URC Associate Director

Tuberculosis control in the pediatric population of a central hospital in Malawi
R. Makombe; H. Kanyere; J. Mpunga; I. Dambe; K. Mbendera

Household contact tracing of extensively and multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR XDR TB) patients in Tugela Ferry, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, 2006-2012
C. Marra, M. Ratshikana-Moloko; Z. Radebe; R Chirmatira; R. Matji

ACSM strategies for early presentation of TB-HIV co-infected patients for care and to improve treatment outcomes in Sedibeng District, Gauteng Province
N. Sebitlo; M. Ratshikana-Moloko; L. Legoabe; K. Mbengo; S. Strauss

Diagnosis of smear-negative and extra-pulmonary TB: Minimum financial assistance can maximize the detection rate
S. Naha; P. Daru; M. Hossain

Saturday, November 2

Reaching the unreached is critical for TB control
M. Alam; S. Naha

TB case detection, prevention, and treatment in small mines in South Africa: A response to the SADC Declaration
M. T. Mbatha

TB screening and mapping of miners and examiners in Swaziland
S. Haumba; N. Mdluli; M. Calnan; T. Dlamini; V. Jele

Factors influencing early TB case detection in the south eastern TB control region of Kenya
J. Nyamu; M. Kabue; S. Stender; T. Shissler; R. Matji; A. Smith-Arthur; S. Holschneider

TB Infection control practices in 19 facilities earmarked for decentralized MDR-TB care in South Africa
C. Marra; D. Turner; R. Chimatira; N. Sibisi; A. Moll

Alerting tuberculosis prevalence among diabetes mellitus patients, Siem Reap and Prey Veng provinces,Cambodia
V. Chrun; N. Kak; S. Kheang; KE Khun; B. Birth; TE Mao; K. Lim

Alarming pre-diabetes and diabetes mellitus prevalence among tuberculosis patients, Siem Reap and Prey Veng provinces, Cambodia
V. Chrun; N. Kak; S. Kheang; KE Khun; B. Birth; TE Mao; K. Lim

Sunday, November 3

Geographic heterogeneity of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in Georgia
T. Chakhaia; M. Gegia; H. Jenkins; J. Furin; I. Kalandadze; U Nanava; T. Cohen

Introduction of GeneXpert MTD/RIF assay for diagnosis of rimapicin-resistant TB in Bangladesh
P. Daru, R. Matji, S. Rahman, M. Rahman

Knowledge, attitude and practice survey for tuberculosis among high-risk groups and general population in Georgia, 2012
T.Gabunia, M. Gegia; T. Chakhaia; G. Kamkamidze; M. Kajaia; G. Kandelaki; G. Kuchukhidze; M. Butsashvili

Role of primary care providers in detection and follow-up treatment of tuberculosis in Georgia
T.Gabunia, M. Gegia, T. Chakhai; N. Solomonia

MDR-TB treatment outcomes among HIV-infected and HIV non-infected patients in Swaziland: "A review of routinely collected data
N. Mdluli

Experience of child TB training in Bangladesh
SM Yusuf; M. Hossain; P. Daru; J. Alam/p>

Involving different groups in different modalities through ACSM for increasing access to TB services
K. Chakraborty ; T. Polly; M. Hossain; P. Daru

Drug resistance profile of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis in Swaziland
C. Mlambo; S. Haumba; M. Calnan; G. Maphalala; J. Manjengwa; T. Zananwe; J. Ongole; T. Dlamini

Improving TB treatment success through commitment of the district management team: uMgungundlovu Health District in KwaZulu Natal
E. Voller; M. Ratshikana-Moloko; F. Khumalo; N. Mtungwa


About the Conference

The Union World Conference on Lung Health, hosted by the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, covers the latest developments, opportunities, and challenges in tuberculosis, HIV, tobacco control, lung health, and noncommunicable diseases. This year's theme is "Shared Air, Safe Air?" which reflects growing concerns about the need to improve or preserve air quality for healthy and vulnerable persons.

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October 29, 2013