URC Participates in Child Protection Fair during Haiti’s Week of the Child

URC participated in a Child Protection Fair during the Week of the Child in Haiti in June to share copies of newly developed standards for improving services to “vulnerable children and families.” The term applies to those affected by HIV/AIDS and other diseases, orphanhood, poverty, gender and social inequities, disasters, and other risk factors that contribute to vulnerability in children.

URC worked with the Institute of Social Well-being and Research (its French acronym is IBESR) to produce the standards and then translated them into Creole and French, languages spoken in Haiti. IBESR works to improve living conditions in Haiti and pays particular attention to children, woman, and families confronting poverty, sickness, disability, and/or old age. URC leads the Care that Counts Initiative, a partnership of the USAID Health Care Improvement (HCI) Project in Haiti since 2012.

The objective of the Week of Child is to promote respect for the rights of children and children’s full participation in family life. While featuring music and food, the fair also provided an opportunity for those involved in child protection to share tools to improve the well-being of children and their families.

IBESR distributed French and English versions of drafts of the standards and URC distributed CDs containing e-modules on care for vulnerable children. Other organizations, such as the United Nations Children’s Fund, Save the Children, World Vision, Enpak, and the Maurice Sixto Foundation, also participated.

With support from HCI, Haiti has been developing and piloting minimum care standards for organizations delivering services to vulnerable children and families. By providing technical assistance to IBESR, in cooperation with the Haitian Government and partners, HCI works to improve the quality of services offered to vulnerable children and families affected by HIV in Haiti. The project is conducting pilots in three “departments” (administrative regions): North, West, and Artibonite.

Balloon display with URC and USAID logos
URC distributes flyers, CDs, and other information on child protection at the Child Protection Fair in Haiti.
July 24, 2013
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