URC Presents on Cambodia’s Health Information System to the Government of Vietnam

On May 16, at the request of the Government of Vietnam, URC staff from Cambodia presented at the 6th National Conference on Information Technology for Health in Vietnam. Dr. Mean Reatanak Sambath, the Monitoring and Evaluation and Health Informatics Program Leader for the Better Health Services (BHS) Project implemented by URC in Cambodia, had been invited by Vietnam’s Ministry of Health to share the innovation and achievements of the Cambodian Health Management Information System (HMIS), which has improved the availability and use of health data in the country. The HMIS contains service delivery data from all health facilities in Cambodia, such as the number of antenatal care visits, number of family planning client visits, and number of cases of infectious diseases.

BHS has played a lead role in supporting the Cambodian Ministry of Health’s (MOH’s) efforts to design and implement a single, uniform, web-based HMIS using open-source software. Rolling out the new HMIS has led to an immediate improvement in data collection, with all public health facilities using the HMIS now able to report directly to the MOH. The use of the HMIS continues to expand: it is being readily adopted by other stakeholders, including private and NGO health care providers. As of April 2012, HMIS includes data from 1097 public health facilities, including 89 hospitals and 167 private and NGO health facilities.

Word of Cambodia’s new HMIS has spread in the Asia region. In neighboring Vietnam, the Government has growing interest in strengthening the Vietnam health information system. A new department of health information system (HIS) in the Ministry of Health will be established, and all level 1 national and provincial hospitals will have their own HIS units. 

For more information, download the technical brief on “Implementing a Web-based Health Management System". 

October 19, 2012
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