URC Supports Improved Patient Safety in Jordan

URC supported Jordan’s Health Care Accreditation Council (HCAC) in launching its 2013 National Quality and Safety Goals (NQSGs) initiative—raising the bar for health workers and facilities across the country. The goals, launched during HCAC’s second Quality Conference & Exhibition in November 2012, aim to improve pain management, apply zero tolerance for workforce violence, and introduce medication reconciliation (comparing patients’ medication orders to all medications they have been taking). Thirteen facilities have thus far enrolled to meet those goals, with enrollment ongoing. The NQSG’s initiative was first established in 2009, when the US Agency for International Development’s (USAID) Jordan Healthcare Accreditation Project (JHAP), managed by URC, recognized Jordan’s need to reduce preventable harm to make patient care safer and improve health outcomes. 

Every year, HCAC and JHAP use a series of literature searches, focus group meetings, and task forces to establish NQSGs. The goals focus on areas that are 1) relevant to Jordan; 2) address issues of patient, staff, and visitor safety; and 3) pertain to all facilities, including hospitals, primary health care centers, and other ambulatory treatment and diagnostic facilities. Health care facilities voluntarily commit to the NQSGs, and HCAC supports facility staff by conducting workshops providing them with the necessary knowledge to meet the goals. HCAC later surveys the facilities to determine whether they have met the criteria.

Facilities that meet the NQSGs within a year receive certificates from Her Royal Highness, Princess Muna Al-Hussein, the program’s patron. Each year since 2009, the number of institutions choosing to enroll and meeting the goals has increased. During the first year, only seven facilities met the NQSGs; last year, 27 did. URC currently supports HCAC’s plans to expand on this initiative by creating a Patient Safety and Research Institute, which will focus on developing critical patient safety strategies for Jordan and the region.

Three people standing in a ceremony presenting a certificate.
Her Royal Highness Princess Muna Al-Hussein presents a certificate of achievement to Ma’an Hospital for compliance with HCAC ’s National Quality and Safety Goals.
January 31, 2013
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