Ms. A, a volunteer worker of Quezon Institute Hospital in Quezon City, Philippines, handles hundreds of patients with tuberculosis each day. She individually documents and gives medication to her patients. © 2011 Klienne M. Eco, Courtesy of Photoshare

The project will be the newest in URC’s 16-country portfolio of tuberculosis work, but it also will involve governance, digital technologies, social and behavior change, and more

​USAID has awarded URC the five-year TB Platforms for Sustainable Detection, Care, and Treatment project in the Philippines. This project aims to strengthen essential supportive and cross-cutting Tuberculosis (TB) interventions at the regional, local government, and community levels to increase TB and drug-resistant TB case detection and treatment success rates.

URC will work on the project with leading Philippine organizations: The Gerry Roxas Foundation, the Philippine Tuberculosis Society, Inc., the Center for Health Solutions and Innovations, and the Pilipinas Shell Foundation Inc.

This project furthers URC’s work in TB in more than 16 countries, including the Philippines. It builds on and expands our work on governance and decentralization, digital technologies, community-based care, advanced diagnostics, social and behavior change, public-private partnerships, surveillance and domestic resource mobilization for TB.

“Our innovative TB models and interventions will enable high-quality, patient-centered, accessible, and affordable TB care for the most vulnerable Filipinos,” said Hala Jassim AlMossawi, URC Vice President, Program Implementation and Business Development.