URC's Alyson Smith published in BioMed Central: Human Resources for Health

URC's Alyson Smith, Senior Advisor for Health Professions Regulation, co-authored an article in BioMed Central: Human Resources for Health. The paper describes a rapid assessment of Cambodia’s current system for regulating its health professions. The assessment forms part of a co-design process to set strategic priorities for strengthening health profession regulation to improve the quality and safety of health services. 

The assessment, using a mixed-methods approach, found that the current system only partially meets Cambodia’s needs. A number of key regulatory functions are being performed, but overall, the current system was not designed with Cambodia’s specific needs in mind.

A health system approach for strengthening health professions’ regulation is underway and aims to support the government of Cambodia’s plans for scaling up its health workforce, improving health services’ safety and quality, and meeting its Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) obligations to facilitate trade in health care services.

Read more about the assessment and its results in the full article.


March 11, 2016
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