USAID Selects URC to Lead New Social Health Protection Project in Cambodia

USAID has selected URC to lead the new Social Health Protection (SHP) project in Cambodia. The project, which builds on the work of the recently-ended Better Health Services project, aims to support the Royal Government of Cambodia's goal of achieving universal health coverage by expanding Health Equity Funds (HEFs) and other social health protection mechanisms throughout the country. URC, in collaboration with USAID, will implement the project with the Royal Government of Cambodia, Buddhism for Health, Partnership for Better Health (a new local NGO composed of experienced former URC staff), the Open Institute and the Nossal Institute of Global Health at the University of Melbourne.

Cambodia has made significant progress on a range of health indicators over the past decade and has demonstrated a strong commitment to pro-poor health policies, most notably with the development and expansion of HEFs. This funding mechanism gives vulnerable populations access to health services and forms the largest component of the overall SHP strategy outlined in the country's draft Health Financing Policy.

Since 2002, URC has been integral to the development and expansion of the HEF system, and our partners are highly experienced in the Cambodian health system. We also have strong, demonstrated relationships with USAID; the Ministries of Health, Planning, Labor and the Interior; USAID implementing partners; civil society and local research institutions.

Project Overview

The objectives of the USAID Social Health Protection project include:

  • Strengthening capacity of the Royal Government of Cambodia to continue progress toward universal health coverage
  • Development and expansion of innovative local governance strategies for SHP
  • Conducting research and evaluations that inform SHP development.

To meet these objectives, URC and its partners will initiate the following activities:

  • Supporting the establishment of an interim National Social Health Protection Fund (NSHPF) based in the Ministry of Health
  • Providing international and local technical assistance to the interim NSHPF and the ongoing HEF system
  • Actively engaging stakeholders who work in social health protection and related areas at all stages of the project
Miean Keng and her grandchildren, ready for school. Photo courtesy of URC Co., LLC
Miean Keng and her grandchildren, ready for school. Photo courtesy of URC Co., LLC
April 18, 2014
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