Web-based system streamlines data collection and patient management in Cambodia

URC, under the USAID-funded Social Health Protection (SHP) Project, is helping the Cambodian Ministry of Health and Department of Planning and Health Information to develop the Patient Management and Registration System (PMRS). This is a web-based application used by public health facilities to organize patient records and manage patient data by using unique identification numbers to record personal information, service use, and fee payments.

Cambodia’s Health Equity Fund (HEF) is the country’s social health protection system for the poor. The HEF system relies on the PMRS to record, use, and generate the necessary financial data to support payment of health facilities and direct benefits to patients in all public health facilities nationwide (except 7 national hospitals in Phnom Penh). In total the HEF provides protection from excessive health expenditures to approximately 3 Million Cambodians.

Additionally, the PMRS is being used by 43 public hospitals to not only manage poor patients under the HEF but also register non-poor patients.  Expansion of the PMRS for all patients is being led by the MOH Department of Planning and Health Information together with SHP trainers who conduct on-site, two-week training programs for hospital administrators and staff.

The program includes intensive on-the-job coaching to ensure full integration, and trainers also provide phone-based technical support to solve day-to-day issues, as well as follow-up site visits to identify further training needs and solicit feedback to inform future enhancements to the system.

Until recently, data were still recorded on hard copy registers at the health center level, which were then summarized to create monthly aggregate reports. In 2015, health center staff began using an Android-based tablet application to register patients, which allowed HEF-use data to be entered directly into the PMRS by health center staff. After a series of field tests, use of the PMRS is now being expanded to include non-HEF patients.

MOH Health Card with unique National Patient Identification Number (NHID)
August 31, 2016
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