Working to Stop TB in Indonesia

Indonesia has the third highest burden of tuberculosis (TB) in the world, yet only one in five (21%) Indonesians is aware of the risks of TB and how to treat it properly. The USAID Community Empowerment of People against Tuberculosis (CEPAT) project has been working since November 2012 to promote a comprehensive and coordinated approach to engage communities and religious leaders in supporting TB services, by helping identify TB suspects and supporting treatment adherence among patients.  CEPAT builds on the infrastructure and experience of its prime implementing partner LKNU, the largest Muslim organization in Indonesia, and incorporates the expertise of international partners such as University Research Co., LLC.

To celebrate World TB Day on March 24, 2015, CEPAT organized door-to-door campaigns in seven project-supported districts. In total, the door-to-door campaigns reached 2,800 households with TB information, educational and communication materials, and screening services.  The campaign was recorded and a video of the event will be played at the Vice Presidential Palace. CEPAT will attend this event and received a special award from the Vice President commemorating the project's continuing efforts to combat TB in Indonesia.

On March 31, CEPAT will organize a follow-up World TB Day event at the Kempek Pesantren Islamic Boarding School in Cirebon, West Java.  A total of 1000 students, girls and boys, will march from the school into the central city, distributing posters and leaflets about TB to the community. Following the march, the students will gather together to hear testimony from TB survivors.

One such survivor, Ully Ulwiyah, will be sponsored to travel to Washington DC to share her experience being diagnosed and undergoing treatment for multidrug-resistant TB.  Ms. Ulwiyah will share her story at the United States Institute of Peace with representatives from the White House, members of Congress, the State Department, USAID, and representatives from the public and private sector engaged in TB prevention and control.

In 2014, CEPAT World TB Day activities in Indonesia included this impressive domino demonstration of how TB infection spreads
March 24, 2015
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