United States

In 1965, URC began work on its very first project – supporting new career opportunities in the United States. Since the, URC and its non-profit affiliate, then Center for Human Services (CHS), have implemented a myriad of initiatives focused on improving the quality of an access to health, social, educational and vocational services in the United States and abroad. Our portfolio embodies some of the best of both organizations’ areas of expertise and features local and national capacity in health, education and training. Currently, URC supports the Collaborative Improvement and Innovation Network (CoIIN), providing guidance and technical assistance in applying collaborative learning approaches and quality improvement principles and practices to reduce infant mortality and improve birth outcomes. URC partnered with the National Initiatives for Children’s Healthcare Quality for the project.

In Bridgeton, NJ, a nutrition instructor teaches her students in a classroom setting in support of the Reducing Diabetes Disparities Project
In Bridgeton, NJ, a nutrition class takes place in support of the Reducing Diabetes Disparities Project (2013)