Our Methods

Our Approaches

Delivering solutions to healthcare problems using the following proven approaches:

Our Areas of Expertise

Expanding access to and improving the quality of services in the following areas:

  • URC supports education leaders and practitioners worldwide and provides technical assistance to strengthen education for all.
  • Accelerating progress toward a world safe from infectious disease threats.
  • URC supports country health systems to develop HIV programs based on proven interventions and keenly responsive to local conditions.
  • URC applies nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive interventions and strengthens partners’ capacity to apply effective interventions at scale.
  • URC engages in a wide range of malaria and Zika prevention and control activities to save lives.
  • URC’s work emphasizes high-impact solutions that improve health and social outcomes for mothers, newborns, and children around the world.
  • URC programs address NCDs through a combination of research and evaluation, health systems strengthening, and quality improvement.
  • URC develops cost-effective interventions at all levels of the health system, with proven results in more than 60 countries.
  • URC helps health systems diagnose, treat, control, and prevent all forms of TB, including drug-resistant and multidrug-resistant strains.
  • URC is developing and piloting standards of care for vulnerable children who are affected by disease, social conflict, and poverty.
  • URC provides technical assistance to address the lack of clean water, sanitation and good hygiene in low-income communities.