Adaptive Communications, Community Engagement and Systems Strengthening for Health in ARMM (AccessHealth)


The Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) Health Capacity Building Activity (AccessHealth) aims to achieve a self-reliant health system by catalyzing commitment and strengthening the capacity of the government, civil society, and communities to develop, implement, and finance solutions to improve health.


The Challenge

The ARMM has made strides to improve health services accessed by its population and improve the region’s health outcomes. Nonetheless, the region faces challenges that limit the ability of the local health system to provide quality health services. Challenges range from external threats of conflict and natural disasters to shortcomings of the health system as well as demand- and supply-related factors. The ARMM Government (ARG) has set ambitious goals, including crosscutting milestones related to the ARG Regional Development Plan and health-specific goals of the Department of Health.


Project Objectives

AccessHealth aims to:

Improve social norms and strengthen healthy behaviors among underserved adolescents, youth, women, and men. The strategy focuses on empowering citizens to access health services and increase their knowledge about health services and healthy behaviors that will result in increased utilization of health services.

Fortify quality of family planning and maternal and child health services. The URC team uses innovative tools to build and sustain capacity of health care providers. This includes community engagement in demanding high-quality services. The team seeks to ensure that community members work with regional health units and with local government units to increase their commitment to providing quality services.

Bolster key public health policies and systems needed to support maternal and child health behaviors and services. The Activity addresses the following challenges in the health system:

  • Ineffective supply chain management leading to regular family planning/maternal and child health commodity stock-outs at health facilities
  • Limited supply of skilled health workers as well as lack of training opportunities to update skills
  • Poor quality health data and its utilization for decision-making
  • Inefficient use of available financial resources to maximize impact


A mother and child at a window of their simple home in Bukidnon, Mindanao, Philippines. © 2013 Samuel De Leon, Courtesy of Photoshare
A mother and child at a window of their simple home in Bukidnon, Mindanao, Philippines. © 2013 Samuel De Leon, Courtesy of Photoshare
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