Assessment of KALAHI-CIDSS Subprojects

In the Philippines, URC conducted an assessment of the utility and sustainability of a community-driven development (CDD) project funded by Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC). In October 2016, URC completed an assessment of a sample of 30 subprojects nationwide. The assessment examined how well the subprojects:

  • upheld governance,
  • conducted sound asset management practices,
  • engaged community-based organizations, and
  • addressed gender issues.

Findings from the assessment were shared with key stakeholders, including MCC, the Philippines Department of Social Welfare and Development, and other funders. The URC team discussed implications of the findings for future CDD projects in the Philippines and shared recommendations to improve the impact and sustainability of CDD projects.

The paved farm-to-market road ends and gravel begins in Madalag, Aklan, Philippines (2016)
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