Cambodia Malaria Elimination Project (CMEP)


The USAID | PMI Cambodia Malaria Elimination Project works to intensify malaria control and elimination activities by providing technical assistance and support to the National Center for Parasitology Entomology and Malaria Control to further develop, refine, and evaluate an evidence-based Model Elimination Package for malaria, which can be implemented in other appropriate operational districts. It builds on eight years of USAID investment in malaria control in Cambodia under the Control and Prevention of Malaria (CAP-Malaria, 2011-2016) and Malaria Control in Cambodia (MCC, 2008-2011) projects, both implemented by URC.



The Cambodia Malaria Elimination Project aims to:

  1. Develop a scalable, evidence-based elimination model in Sampov Loun Operational District and support its dissemination and replication for malaria elimination in Cambodia.
  2. Support scale-up of high-quality malaria control and prevention interventions in five to eight operational districts where gaps in coverage or quality exist.
  3. Strengthen national malaria surveillance systems and monitoring and evaluation appropriate for malaria elimination and control activities.
  4. Build capacity of Ministry of Health to manage, intensify, and sustain malaria control and elimination efforts particularly at the operational district level.



  • 1-3-7 surveillance strategy activities were successfully implemented in five elimination operational districts (ODs). For 656 identified cases, 568 (87%) were notified within one day, 552 (84%) were investigated within three days, and 547 (83%) were responded to within seven days.
  • 773 health care workers (public health facility staff and village malaria workers (VMWs)) in five elimination ODs and four transitional ODs were trained on malaria case management focusing on early diagnosis and treatment.
  • 151,479 people were reached through interpersonal communication in elimination ODs and 143,644 people in transitional ODs.
  • 46,593 long-lasting insecticidal-treated bed nets (LLINs) and 30,798 long-lasting insecticidal-treated hammock nets (LLIHNs) were distributed in villages in elimination/transitional ODs.
  • 5,658 LLINs and 6,887 LLIHNs were distributed to big farms/companies in transitional ODs.
  • Routine support through technical supervision/on-the-job training, regular meetings, and distribution of adequate supplies, was provided to local malaria service providers including VMWs and health facility staff in delivering quality diagnostic and treatment services. This resulted in good coverage with malaria testing and treatment services.
  • Supply of rapid diagnostic tests and artemisinin-based combination therapies to private providers (PPs) were stopped after government regulation of April 2018 which prevented PPs from testing and treating for malaria. Since April 2018, PPs have only been able to refer suspected cases to public services.
  • Over 99% of suspected malaria cases were tested in all ODs. 98% (42,264/42,997) of all patients in five elimination ODs were tested, of which 656 were confirmed positive (test positivity rate (TPR): 2%) and received treatment according to the National Treatment Guidelines (NTGs). 99% (50,251/50,399) of suspected malaria cases in the four transitional ODs were tested and 8,838 were confirmed positive (TPR: 18%) and received malaria treatment in line with the NTGs.
  • Supervision from the National Malaria Control Program continued in all CMEP target ODs to monitor provider performance and provide on-the-job mentoring for quality improvement of program management and service delivery.



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A forest goer, one of the target populations of CMEP, receives a mosquito net and other materials. Photo credit: Linna Khorn (URC)
A forest goer, one of the target populations of CMEP, receives a mosquito net and other materials. Photo credit: Linna Khorn (URC)
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