HIV Innovate and Evaluate Project


URC is supporting evaluations, operations research, and assessments of U.S. Government-supported HIV/AIDS activities in Cambodia. The project will utilize the best available methods to assess and evaluate innovations in HIV programs; disseminate findings for decision making and for building the international evidence base for HIV programs in concentrated-epidemic settings; and build the capacity of a local research institution to conduct assessments and evaluations.

Key Activities

  • Identifying critical knowledge gaps in response to HIV and AIDS and conduct formative research, operations research, and evaluations to inform programming and policies;
  • Developing and implementing a data dissemination plan and incorporate findings into programmatic recommendations for most at-risk populations and people living with HIV/AIDS in Cambodia; and
  • Strengthen local partner capacity to conduct and implement research and evaluation activities.


2013 to 2018
US Agency for International Development (USAID)
Regions/ Countries