Jamaica Adolescent Healthy Lifestyles (JA-STYLE)


The URC team supported the Ministry of Health in helping Jamaican youth, age 10–19, face and overcome challenges in the areas of reproductive health, substance abuse, crime, and violence. JA-STYLE addressed an upward spiraling crime rate and troubling trends in the areas of sexual and reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, gangs and violence, and drug and alcohol abuse. The project undertook a comprehensive approach to assist communities, families, schools, religious groups, and public and private sector entities to help young Jamaicans make wise and healthy choices for their futures.


  • Supported organization and registration of The Jamaica Youth Advocacy Network with a 300 plus youth membership
  • “Outta Road” (What’s Happening Out in the Streets), an award-winning serial radio drama, used in school systems as an entrée into discussions about highly sensitive issues including violence, illegal drug use, and early sexual debut
2005 to 2008
US Agency for International Development (USAID)
Advocates for Youth (AY)
Health Strategies International, LLC (HSI)
Population Media Center (PMC)
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