Multi-Sector Alliance Program (Alianzas II)


Alianzas II strengthened public-private partnerships to improve maternal and child health, reproductive health, family planning, HIV/AIDS, water and sanitation, nutrition, and education. URC, a project subcontractor, was responsible for the health component. The project built on Alianzas I, which brought together private and public organizations to address Guatemala’s reproductive health, family planning, maternal and child health, and education needs.

Key Activities

  • Identified private entities interested in making investments in health projects for the most at-risk and vulnerable populations
  • Served as a broker among private sector partners to foster alliances that allow projects to expand and have greater impact
  • Monitored alliances to ensure technical and programmatic quality of interventions


  • Nine alliances implemented health activities. Private sector partners included:
    • Fundazucar, the social development arm of Guatemala’s sugar cane mills, which implements a program to empower women and thereby strengthen their food and nutritional security
    • Funcafe, a rural development foundation of the coffee industry, which offers family planning, reproductive health and nutrition programs
    • Tan ux´il, an NGO that uses the positive youth development framework, which focuses on young people’s strengths to promote healthy, productive adulthood
  • Technical support from URC headquarters and staff of the Health Care Improvement project in Guatemala further ensured technical quality of the projects
2010 to 2012
US Agency for International Development (USAID)
Research Triangle Institute (RTI)
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