Operations Research on Increasing Use of Antenatal Corticosteroids (ACS) in Uganda


URC is conducting operations research in five high-volume Ugandan hospitals/ maternities to identify the baseline use, and best methods to increase evidence-based use of antenatal corticosteroids to improve outcomes for premature newborns in Uganda. According to the World Health Organization, the administration of certain corticosteroids to women at risk of preterm birth causes a considerable reduction in the risks of complications of prematurity such as respiratory distress syndrome, intraventricular hemorrhage and perinatal death.

Key Activities

  • Assessing adherence to ACS best practices
  • Developing a driver diagram that identifies key ACS drivers and prioritizes promising interventions to improve ACS use
  • Supporting front-line provider/manager teams to test promising intervention approaches to increase use of ACS
  • Defining three to five ACS quality indicators and adapt medical records to monitor them
  • Synthesizing lessons learned to inform future policy, implementation and monitoring strategies in support of expanding use of ACS in premature labor and other premature risk factors in Uganda


2013 to 2014
Save the Children | Uganda
UN Commission on Life-Saving Commodities for Women and Children
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