Overview and Objectives URC developed a national strategy and surveillance system to ensure that those meeting poverty criteria have access to high-quality health services. The system provided access to Health Equity Funds (HEFs), a funding mechanism that gives vulnerable populations access to health services. Sought to ensure that those eligible had access to affordable quality...
Provided Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance (MSPAS) with support to increase coverage and improve the quality of services for maternal and child health, family planning and reproductive health, nutrition, and the prevention and control of infectious diseases. The project provided technical support to MSPAS to apply evidence-based guidelines, improve quality, and institutionalize continuous...
Overview and Objectives URC participated in a 12-month multi-country evaluation of three models of providing HIV testing and counseling (HTC) in outpatient department (OPD) settings. URC conducted the South Africa portion of the evaluation entitled Strengthening HIV Test Access and Treatment Uptake Study (Project STATUS). From 2006 to 2011, URC worked with the national and...
Overview and Objectives Improve the nutritional status of mothers, infants, and young children and the HIV-free survival of children. Focus on proven interventions that are effective from the start of pregnancy through the first two years of life. Provide technical assistance in monitoring and evaluation, quality improvement, HIV and infant feeding training, and job aid...
Helped Romania reallocate resources to its primary health care system and strengthen and improve health care services. Provided technical assistance to the government to implement key health system reforms related to health policy and implementation, quality assurance, pharmaceutical management, and advocacy. The team’s work improved primary health care services, trained providers and national pharmaceutical managers,...
Overview and Objectives Provided technical support to the Ministry of Health and Social Services for reducing the transmission of HIV and other blood-borne pathogens among patients and providers during delivery of medical injections. Achievements Developed and put into operation policy documents, such as the National Infection and Prevention and Control Guidelines, National Quality Assurance Policy,...
Provided technical assistance to improve utilization, quality, and management of primary health care services.
Improved equality of health services in Guinea in accordance with the MOH’s planning objectives for 2010 in support of the Population and Reproductive Health Project.
Provided technical assistance in quality improvement and regulatory strategies to the Srpska Agency for Accreditation and Quality, part of the Ministry of Health. The project developed a structure for implementing health care regulations for accreditation and for constructing a policy framework that would guide the implementation of government legislation, the licensure of health care professionals...
Provided technical assistance to Ministry of Public Health to advance the quality of reproductive and maternal and child health care. The project provided support to strengthen prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted infections and emergency obstetric care. It also helped to build health workers’ capacity in quality assurance skills; trained health care staff and managers;...

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