Strengthen Non-Governmental Capacities to Face the COVID-19 Pandemic in Nicaragua


Also known as El proyecto de fortalecimiento de las capacidades de las organizaciones no gubernamentales para enfrentar la pandemia COVID 19 en Nicaragua, this activity leverages the knowledge management platform developed under URC’s USAID PrevenSida Project to create a virtual campus focused on COVID-19 in Nicaragua. The project supports capacity development of health workers and civil society organizations (CSOs), self-assessment of COVID symptoms, online counseling, and risk communication messaging.

The project also supports community-based interventions targeting the most at-risk populations for COVID-19 – those who live in poor, urban neighborhoods and high concentrated areas; the elderly; chronic disease patients; children; women at-risk for gender-based violence; individuals with insufficient access to water; victims of the socio-political crisis; people living with HIV/AIDS; and transgender women. URC will work with CSOs, health-related organizations, union leaders, and the private sector.



The project aims to:

  1. Strengthen coordination and response among CSO leaders and health-related organizations working on the COVID-I9 pandemic response;
  2. Implement risk communication and community engagement (RCCE) activities focused on the most vulnerable populations; and
  3. Train human resources from CSOs and private sector organizations on infection prevention and control and community ease management.





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