USAID Health Care Improvement Project (HCI) | Vietnam


At the national level, the USAID Quality Assurance Project provided technical assistance to the National TB Program and Vietnam Administration of HIV/AIDS Control to develop a national framework, guidelines, and training modules on TB-HIV integration in 2007. The project supported early capacity building in TB-HIV collaboration for 22 provincial trainers from ten provinces through a TB-HIV training course in the same year.

At the provincial level, the project assisted the Thai Binh Province in improving TB and TB-HIV integrated services through the USAID-funded Quality Assurance Project and its successor the Health Care Improvement (HCI) project during 2007-2009. The project pioneered a public-private mix (PPM) for TB and TB-HIV integration in Vietnam by piloting collaboration models in Thai Binh Province. The project worked with Provincial Department of Health to establish a TB-HIV task force and collaborative mechanisms, and improved TB case detection, management of TB-HIV integrated services and TB infection control knowledge among health care workers.

In 2009, the collaboration models for PPM in TB control and TB-HIV integration were adapted to Hai Duong and Nam Dinh provinces.

HCI support for the project ended in March 2011, though activities continue through the Improving TB Detection and TB-HIV Services Integration project in the Nam Dinh province.

Key Activities

  • Building institutional capacity through direct participation from planning, implementing, monitoring/ evaluation to activity adjustments; needs-based training with participatory method and coaching for provincial and district health care workers in both public and private sectors in TB-HIV co-infection prevention, TB diagnosis, case management, and referral procedures and in the use of quality improvement tools and approaches
  • Improving integration of TB and HIV services through enhanced leadership and ownership of provincial and district key stakeholders in leveraging available resources and collaborating with each other to implement activities  
  • Strengthening appropriate PPM collaboration models in TB control in individual provinces by engaging both private and public health care providers in the joint TB control effort. 
  • Improving quality and effectiveness of routine M&E activities through enhanced active roles of key stakeholders in terms of data collection, reporting, analysis and use with databases and monitoring forms and data based decision making.
  • Strengthening TB infection control in the target provinces
2007 to 2011
US Agency for International Development (USAID)
Regions/ Countries 
Geographic Scope 
Thai Binh (April 2007-September 2009), Hai Duong and Nam Dinh provinces (October 2009-March 2011)