Addressing Newcastle’s Disease Among “Village” Chickens in Eastern Zambia

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The USAID-funded Feed the Future Zambia Mawa project is led by Catholic Relief Services in partnership with Caritas Chipata, Women for Change, Golden Valley Agricultural Research Trust, and University Research Co., LLC. Mawa aims to improve food and economic security for 21,500 households in Chipata and Lundazi districts in Zambia’s Eastern Province. Over five years (2012-2017), the Mawa project has worked toward this goal by providing a package of services for increasing and diversifying agricultural production for nutrition and markets, improving household health and nutritional status, and increasing incomes and productive assets. Mawa ensures gender-sensitive programming through its household approach, which is based on regular and inclusive dialogues to appreciate how gender norms, roles and beliefs influence household decisions and gains related to agriculture, nutrition and incomes. With expansion funding received in 2016, the Mawa project now implements activities in 22 agricultural camps in Chipata and Lundazi districts in the Eastern Province of Zambia. Under the project, URC is a technical assistance partner that leads innovation in linking agriculture and nutrition through dedicated short-term technical assistance.

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March 2017
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Project Reports
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