Advocacy, Communication, and Social Mobilization (ACSM) to Strengthen TB Prevention, Treatment, and Control

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South Africa, with an estimated number of 490,000 new tuberculosis (TB) cases in 2009, ranks fourth among the 22 high-burden TB countries in the world. Multi-drug resistant (MDR) TB is largely caused by patients’ non-adherence to drug regimens, inappropriate drug regimens, and increasingly by direct transmission. Direct transmission has more than tripled – from 2,000 cases in 2005 to 7,343 cases in 2009 – and is further exacerbating the epidemic.1 TB HIV/AIDS co-infection rates are high, with approximately 73 percent of new TB patients co-infected with HIV. TB patients with HIV are almost twice as likely to get MDR TB and have high mortality rates due to TB and HIV co-infection.

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December 2015
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