Baseline Assessment of HIV Service Provider Productivity and Efficiency in Uganda

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In 2009, HCI began implementing with the Ministry of Health of Uganda an improvement collaborative aimed at increasing the number of clients accessing HIV/AIDS care and antiretroviral therapy (ART) and increasing the coverage of HIV/AIDS services. A central approach of the coverage collaborative is to improve the efficiency of service delivery. Health worker productivity and engagement—the extent to which workers believe in their work, are motivated to do their job well, and feel valued for doing it—are integral to improving efficiency as they determine how much workers do, how much they are able to do, and how driven they are to perform well.  As part of the collaborative, HCI conducted, for the Ministry of Health, a baseline assessment of HIV/AIDS provider productivity, efficiency, and engagement in six facilities.  This report presents the key findings from the assessment and includes the data collection instruments in the appendix.

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