The Chilean legacies in health care quality

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This article reports, in the International Journal for Health Care Quality, an evaluation of Chile’s eight-year quality assurance (QA) program, identifying key aspects of the program. The program trained health care providers in QA skills, fostered the development of facility-based QA teams, and trained “monitors” to provide technical support for QA. The evaluation found that the program succeeded in achieving sustainability and institutionalization, crediting the enabling environment, management and leadership, technical functions, and support functions. The authors recommend the program for consideration by other countries, especially with regard to sustainability, national coverage, decentralization, and alliance of QA and regulation.

Legros S, R Massoud, and B Bouchet, “The Chilean legacies in health care quality,” International Journal for Quality in Health Care 14(2002):83–88.

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July 2002
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Peer-reviewed Journal Articles
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