Client communication behaviors with health care providers in Indonesia

To assess patient participation in health care consultations, this study observed, audiotaped, and coded more than 1,200 family planning consultations in two provinces in Indonesia. Culturally acceptable ways for Indonesian clients to participate in consultations include asking questions, requesting clarification, stating opinions, and expressing concerns. Factors significantly associated with active client communication were, in order of importance, providers' information giving, providers' facilitative communication, providers' expressions of negative emotion, client education level, and province. The results suggest that a combination of provider training and client education on key communication skills could increase client participation in health care consultations.

Kim YM, A Kols, C Bonnin, P Richardson, and D Roter, “Client communication behaviors with health care providers in Indonesia,” Patient Education and Counseling 45(2001):59–68.

Publication Date 
October 2001
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Peer-reviewed Journal Articles
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