Community and Local Institutions Collaboration for Resilience

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In Gamba, in the Zinder region of Niger, the community came together to create its village health center

Members of the Gamba village Mother-to-Mother (MtM) group in the Zinder region of Niger, were wondering how to get a village health center, because the closest one was five kilometers away (far to walk with sick children). The village had been requesting a local health center for decades.

Some of their husbands were members of the village Husbands’ School, a peer education group for fathers. They were also discussing the need for their wives and children to visit health facilities and clearly identified the lack of a village health center as a major obstacle. In December 2016, the village created a community-based health and nutrition Quality Improvement (QI) Team, supported by the USAID|REGIS-ER project, implemented by NCBA CLUSA and URC.


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August 2018
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Success Stories
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